Thursday, February 07, 2008

Year of the Mouse

Greetings My Human Friend,

Today is the first day of the Tibetan New Year, Earth Mouse 2135. Mouse/Rat holds the 'mid-night' slot (11pm-1am) in the Sino-Tibetan day, associated with winter, and the cold dark of the north. Symbolizing inquiry, intellectual curiosity and the exploration of esoteric wisdom, the mouse is the vehicle of choice for Lord Ganesha, elephantine remover of obstacles. Mouse energy may bring a degree of progress, prosperity and plenty. We would all welcome that, at any number of levels.

In Mayan cosmology, rat opens the door to wisdom in helping the Hero Twins discover their true path in life. In gratitude, they guarantee that rat will never go hungry. Occasionally on cold winter nights, you might hear his cousins collecting offerings in the pantry. At best, think Mickey Mouse as the enlightened, good-natured individual; non-threatening, humorous and helpful.

Traditional outlines warn not to overextend or take too many risks this coming year, more than likely cause the world is going to hell and you ain't made of money. While some dark hearts out there are predicting the end of America and the death of billions in '08, I prefer to take refuge in uncertainty and must confess, "I do not know." Therefore, let us proceed mindfully knowing that the time we have is limited, and observe with a sense of wonder, to engage our time in the world in the spirit of love and deep appreciation. A phrase comes to mind, permanently burned into my soft tissues during the sixth grade through forced memorization of a commentary on the eighth commandment in Luther's Old Catechism; put the best construction on everything.

Thanks for stopping by. With the start of this new year, I will make an effort to keep blogging here regularly; we'll see how long it lasts!

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