Thursday, February 07, 2008


the day between gutor,
averting negativity of the old (yesterday)
and losar,
new year of the mouse, (tomorrow)
is today, traditionally designated a house-cleaning day
yesterday it was so warm we sat outside
in the moist dark after sunset
talk of the ecliptic, Polaris, horizons, season and degrees latitude
watching skies flash blue white, big trees sway,
winds howling across the hills
recited the black phurba, burned one, clouds racing northeast
revealing, hiding Orion, Taurus,
Pleiades in the poplar
a display of great power soon drove us indoors where
i fixated on the colorful graphics of current radar maps
till long after everyone went to bed, just in case ya know...

our compassion goes out to the 50+ dead, the wounded
and those whose homes and property were destroyed.


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