Friday, March 24, 2006

Red Day

sangha means inseparable
but we have been reduced to fragments

red day
moon waning
even though
issues lurk
is it a virtue
to say nothing

without understanding
if this is the right kind of peace
or simply the mask
of mundane politics

the inherent frustration
in spending great sums of energy
merely to observe the world
fail to communicate
anything of value
throws me back on
the essential wisdom
in just sitting

there are four non-virtues associated with speech;

1. lies
2. harsh words
3. slander
4. gossip

I think we tend to be intimidated and constrained by a simplistic definition of what these words might mean. These four represent only a general outline of the many possible ways to effectively perpetuate the experience of samsara for both oneself and others. This is why there is a lot more shastra and commentary than original scripture. Coarse definitions do not really address what the Roman Catholics have dubbed 'sins of omission' which may require both deeper insight, courage and the energy of compassion to overcome. Right speech is not merely a form of restraint, but an empowerment to act and speak in the current of liberation.

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