Friday, March 24, 2006



i had the most outrageous DMT trip last night
way better than the first round a few days previous
i got the first toke this time
and it was huge
i was off before i even passed the pipe
just sat there, mostly with closed eyes
and let pattern grids come on
very visual but i was still there witnessing
incredible rainbow auras
way more optix than acid or shrooms
but then the little pipe came around again
so i hit it the second time
after barely having released the first toke
and whoa
i had to lay down and sprawled on the kitchen floor
where i was alone and pulled into a deep black hole
still holding my breath, i was dying and they were silent
and i must have died and they knew it too
i gradually began to breathe again and got up after a bit
to sit in the circle with everyone
and they had been so quiet and meditative the whole time
all sitting up straight with half-smiles. it was a conspiracy
seven of them
and they were all perfect buddhas
i saw that they were very wise and compassionate
way more than i usually give them credit for
it was like a surprise party for me
in a pure land
and then i laughed hysterically
and said 'you guys are terrible...'
it was so funny
you see i felt like i had died and gone to Ogmin
and that my friends were already there, always had been
and that the earthy appearance of their life and karma
was all just a lesson, an elaborate demonstration for me
and that they already understood everything i have ever tried to teach them
they were just waiting for me come full circle and to understand
and that all my efforts to communicate to them
as well as their seeming ignorance and resistance
had been just a play, a wisdom display for my sake
so I could exercise some level of patience
generosity, and joyful effort
and gradually bring my actions to fruition
of course this was just a vision
but a real good one
a revelation of our true nature
which we have not all quite awakened to as yet
i saw it in myself long ago; so now a similar opening reveals
the secret nature of my friends and that in the ultimate sense,
there is nothing to be attained or added to 'what is'
of course the challenge of practice and realization is always there
but it is a good and timely reminder put together,
offered as a gift courtesy of Bay Area chemist Justin Thyme
thank you brother
- visually there is nothing which compares to such good DMT
like Padma's samboghakaya lightning beauty;
swirling rainbow crystalline multiple auras dominate the field
and lead to contemplating the deeper patterns of inner space;
ray mandala was kind in playing pied piper
insisting we all together to do this
cause we probably would not have done so otherwise...

(careful with that jewel)

Originally written in July '05

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