Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Pillar Inscription at Samye

King Trisong Detsan's Royal Declaration
that Buddhism should be the state religion of Tibet;
pillar inscription at Samye Monastery (767 ce)

As the monasteries at Ra-sa (Lhasa), Red Rock (Samye) and other places have now been established as sanctuaries for the Three Jewels, the practice of Buddhadharma in Tibet is never to be abandoned or destroyed and the material support at those sites will never cease or diminish. Hereafter, each generation of the mighty kings in Tibet, along with their royal entourages must swear to such a vow which they must never alter or renounce. Taking as witness the world-transcending deities, the worldly deities, and all non-human beings, the present King with his Princes, nobles and ministers have now sworn to this vow. Further details of these edicts are kept in other places.


Copied from the brass plaque translation of the Tibetan characters carved 
into a large wooden slab on display in the Sangha House at 
Padma Samye Ling, Delaware County, New York

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